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- SPANISH DANCE - Official student.

- CLASSIC BALLET - Independent student with the masters Araleo Moyano and Nacho Leon, both in the Professional Dance Conservatory of Cordoba.

- CHAIR OF FLAMENCO, in Cordoba University.

- BACHELOR DEGREE in MUSIC HISTORIY AND SCIENCE, in Madrid Complutense University. 

- DEGREE in MUSICAL EDUCATION in Córdoba University.

  • Graduated in Music, Piano and Saxophone, Proffesional Music Conservatory of Úbeda y Conservatory Teresa Berganza in Madrid.


Awarded in 2011 to study the following courses : 

– NEW FLAMENCO TRENDS, with Javier Latorre (International Guitar Festival Festival in Córdoba).

- IX INTERNATIONAL COURSES OF CLASSIC BALLET, with Alicia Alonso Fundation (CarlosIII-El Escorial University)



  • FLAMENCO with the following masters :

    • WORKSHOP with Jose Antonio, Ana Mº Bueno and Aida Gómez, in the Manuel de Falla Courses (Granada).

    • Farruquito, Adrián Galia, Merche Esmeralda, La China, Pepa Molina, among others.


    • Aida Gómez, Gemma Barreda and Gala Vivancos.


    • Amalia Cabeza, Miguel Vàzquez and Teresa Navarrete.

    • Michelle Man and RELEASE E IMPROVISATIÒN technique with Alexis Eusupierre.

- FROM THE MUSIC TO THE DANCE, with Concepción Sauny.

- RHYTHM WORKSHOP with MAYUMANA in Dances of the World Centre,Madrid

- ACROBATICS WORKSHOP, with the Juggler Association in Madrid.

- SILKS ACROBATICS with the Circus School “CHARIVARI”

-THEATRE with Anna Redi and Theatre of Gesture with Raul Cano de YLLANA.

- CLOWN with Antón Valén, in Baeza's International University.

- Course “Flamenco en Red Superior” European University (Madrid).




- “Descubre la Danza”, lecture and show for the Social Department in Junta de Andalucía.( 2001)

 - Lecturer training in the Professional Dance Conservatory of Cordoba.

 - Lecturer training in two public schools, one of them for kids with special needs. Work for older people and diseables.

- Part time lecturer in different schools around Madrid.

- Animation and training lecturer in leisure and entertaiment for kids and adults in different companies in the musci and artistic field.

- Lecturer of the Flamenco course in INEF Universiy, La Coruña.

- Lecturer in the short course 'Traditional Games and Dances' in INEF Universiy, La Coruña.

- Technical director and lecturer in the course 'Rythm, Dance and Body Expression with As.Panda in collaboration with La Coruña University.

- Course of “Body expression and Improvisation tenchiques”  in the VI Theatre Festival in Jaen University.

- Solidarity Work, Spanish Dance and Flamenco Workshop in “Puerto Principe”, Haití, capital and rural area in Santo Domingo.

- Flamenco workshop with abused women and homeless people, in Madrid with theVicenciana Family.

- Dance lecturer in 'Todos', disable students, down sindrome and mental problems, Pozuelo Municipal School. 

- Workshop for Flamenco abroad, in Dublín and San Francisco.

- Classes and Workshops for students and begginers in different National academies. 

- Bespoke classes for Ballroom Dance students, events, etc. 



- RIVERDANCE(*)  Currently solo artist in the company. 

- CIA FUNDACIÓN ANTONIO GADES(*)  Four years in the company.

- BALLET GALLEGO REY DE VIANA(*) One year in the company.


2015 - De Barro, fuerte y frágil. Own show launched on the 10º Festival of  ‘Ámonos pal Flamenco’, Úbeda. 

2014 - Tour in Europe and China with Riverdance, as a guest solo-artist.

2013 - Choreographer in the Workshop ‘Herbeat of Home’,  from the producers of Riverdance.

2013 - Artistic Residence in C.C Eduardo Úrculo (Madrid), with differents choreographic projects, initiative from Patricia Roldán.

2010-13 - Solista con la compañía RIVERDANCE(*), de gira en Europa, Brasil, Argentina, India, USA y Canada.

2011-13 - Dancer in Los Mulero company. Russian Tour with ‘Carmen’, Eslovenia..

2011-12 - Flamenco dancer in the group “Se abre el telón cabaret”, Madrid.

2010-11 - Dancer in 'El niño judío' in LA  ZARZUELA THEATRE, with Goyo Montero as the choreographer.

2010-11 - Interpreter-Dancer in the short film '16rue VIDEODANZA'.

2010 - Dancer in the '87 grillos' Company - Director Elias Aguirre

2006-2009 -  ANTONIO GADES FUNDATION COMPANY(*) with Adrián Galia and Stella Arauzo in ‘CARMEN’, ‘BODAS de SANGRE and SUITE FLAMENCA’ and ‘FUENTEOVEJUNA’.

Collaborator in the set up and fundation of the company. Touring in the most important international Festivals and Theathers through Europe, Syria, Israel, Egypt, Japon among others countries.

- Dancer in the Trio Sierra in COSTA CRUCEROS.

- Colaborator and artist in LIVIKA, musicians and drummers fundation. 

2005 - Dancer in the 'Temporada Lirica de Guadalajara', production by Jose Luis Moreno and choreography by Carlos Vilán.

- Solo-Artist in “Delirios del Quijote” Sara Lezana Company.


2004 - Dancer in Los Goyescos Company, with the show “Para Alberti”.

- “Los Tarantos” with Jose GRECO Dance Company, Italy tour.

- Galas with Carmen Cantero Ballet Folklórico in Madrid.

2003 - Direcctor in the charity gala “Arte Solidario”, Rosalía de Castro Theather (La Coruña).

- Artist under the direction of LUISILLO in his Spanish Dance Theatre, performances in May in  Albéniz Theatre.

- Dancer in MSCruceros in the show “Alma de España” by Maite Ferrer.

- Artist in Lope de Vega Theatre with the RAFAEL AGUILAR Company.

2002 - Main artit in “La muller trabajadora”, (advertising) for the

Xunta de Galicia.

- Dancer in the BALLET GALLEGO REY DE VIANA(*), Tour 2002.

- Dancer in the Tablao “Al-Andalus”, Madrid.

- National Dancer for J&B.

2001-PART-PLAYER in the Carmen de Bizet Opera, Gran Teatro (Córdoba)

1999 - Dancer in Ópera del Cid with Plácido Domingo, Juana Maya and Fernando Romero, La Maestranza Theatre.

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